When it comes to entertaining your Family and Friends many activities come to mind, but only the best will make the cut. Like most guest they want to be WOWED, and finding the perfect activities for your quince is a must. Now just like the party the entertainment must be personalized. So start thinking about what you like and what you would want to share with your guest. A lot of people don’t know but you can actually have a small spa station inside your party. People can get manicures, pedicures, and their hair done while enjoying your quince. Having a small Spa Section will make your guest never want to leave the party. Another great idea is a photo both. Photo both are fun for a lot of reasons. Reason one is memories; you will have a ton of memories with each and every one of these pictures. Two; they are fun and even the shyest person will be excited. Photo booths are everywhere we have many in our directory so whatever you choose they will be great. The last idea but not the least is jewelry making stations. Forget about gift bags making something at a party is great. This activity is great for the anti-dancers, because it entertains them and keeps them busy. So I hope you were inspired and motivated to create new fun ways to entertain.