Franchise Opportunity

Would you like to own a Quinceaneras Magazine Territory?

Quinceañeras Magazine started in 2004, in Las Vegas Nevada. His founder, Rafael Aguayo had the vision of expanding the concept to other areas in the United States due to the real necessities of this media in the Hispanic market. Back then, we were the very first channel to deliver information to this specialized segment of the Hispanic bridal industry.


In short, we got really good at magazine publishing by learning fast, failing fast, succeeding fast. The question was; could we repeat the dose in a different area, with different demographics, a similar market and the exact same production model, without going through the trials and tribulations of being a start-up magazine? Well, the answer was a resounding yes!

Faster than a rooster can crow, we applied our experience in a different city, followed by 12 more.

Here’s Where it Gets Interesting for you

After publishing 46 issues of our magazine, in six years we actually got good at it. Really good, in fact.
Why? Strangely, the very fact that we had no experience in publishing magazines and therefore had no preconceptions about how to do things, we developed our own system, born of necessity, that really, really worked.

  • Our production system was razor sharp (it had to be).
  • Our editorial strategy was incredibly successful (it needed to be).
  • Our distribution strategy was so cost effective, experienced publishers asked us how we managed to pull it off.
  • Our contents genuinely attracted our audience interest.
  • Our cost base was so tight and effective, other magazine publishers wanted to know our secret.

Quinceañeras Magazine, Expo Quinceañeras and www.Quinceañ are the perfect trio conforming a unique concept that serves primarily to the quinceañera industry in the US. Both, vendors and readers are benefitted tremendously from our well executed work, experience and passion for this project.

We at Quinceañeras Magazine believe in God, family, and hard work. This statement is what has brought us where we are today, as the leaders in the Industry.

It is this business system that is now available – to you – as a use of license opportunity.

The benefits are tremendous:

  • The risk profile in comparison to starting up from scratch is eliminated
  • The “grunt work” such as negotiating print prices, production, design etc is all done for you
  • The tap in to expertise from people who’ve been there, seen it, done it in magazines is invaluable
  • Unlimited revenue opportunities from virtually any market sector (due to the desirability of the audience)

Get your magazine start up guide today! If you are a serious and visionary Business person, this opportunity happens only once in your life; and by the way, it also happens only once in your city.