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Quinceanera Programs

What's a program for?

      Is a program necessary? Quinceanera Order of Events Read through our notes below on how to plan your quinceanera. You will also find explanations of the traditional events in a quinceanera including the presentation of the last doll and the first dance. Religious Celebration: During the quinceanera religious celebration, the quinceanera is walked down the aisle accompained by her parents and her godparents. The Quinceanera is presented to the center of the alter for the mass. After the quinceanera mass, the quinceanera can choose to do the crowing, changing of shoes, and the doll presentation. However, it is customary to do these quinceanera traditions at the reception. Quinceanera Reception: After the religious ceremony, the festivities can begin with lots of food, drinks, and music. These quinceanera parties are usually arranged around a particular theme. For ideas on many great quinceanera themes, see our Quinceanera T...