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Quinceanera Color Themes

What's your season?

A good way to decide what color selections you want, is considering the season your party is scheduled to be in. For example, choosing red and black for a party that is scheduled in the middle of the summer would be a little too overwhelming for your guests. Therefore, choosing brighter colors that correspond to this season would be more appropriate and add life to your celebration. Here are some more tips to guide you through the seasonal colors.  Fall! During this time the weather is changing and so are the colors that are in style! Blue/turquoise: Is perfect for this season because its boldness but also because its a very sophisticated color. Purple: Is also a good choice because of its young vibrance and matches beautifully with various other colors. Springtime! Spring is the perfect time to play up your girly side! With these colors, your sure to shine at your Quince!  Pink: You can’t go wrong with it. Its a great color to wear while transitioning into a yo...