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DJ or Band

May I have this dance?

Every part of your party is going is be beautiful! But the most anticipated part of the night is the baile(dance). All your guests can’t wait to dance and have a good time, so you need to make sure that they’re satisfied when it comes to the entertainment or musical performers. Your going to be surrounded by all your friends and family who all have different tastes in music and style. A good way to make sure everyone is happy is to have both a DJ and a Banda. Or simply a DJ who plays all kinds of music. Theres also the choice to have the traditional mariachi performance to play during the reception. Oh, and one more tip... Don’t sit down, at all! Its your party. Your needed on the dance floor!

Musica Maestro!

Whats a party without music?! A simple get together. But thats not enough for your XV! The DJ/ Banda brings life to your party. Its essential to have great music for yourself and your guests to you can all have a great time and make memories. The music you decide to play at your Quince should be based off of what everyone’s interests are. So while your deciding what music you want to play, make it simple for yourself, all kinds! Your going to have all kinds of different people there with all different tastes in music. So if you play every genre, everyone’s happy. Having a banda/grupp play at your XV is another popular option. Your sure to fill the dance floor if you decide to hire a musical performer.