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Be Selective!

Picking chambelanes for your quince is no joke! Remember that your Quinceanera is a once in a lifetime event and everything, and everyone who has been part of it is going to be remembered as well. Choosing close friends and cousins or siblings that you are sure will stick around are the best candidates for your chambelanes. Also, keep in mind that these people should have rides and be to practices on time for the vals and surprise dance. Of course if its people who care about you, theyre going to take practices very seriously to make sure you look amazing on your big day. So when your thinking about who to choose as your chambelanes, keep these simple tips in mind.
When it comes to choosing what guys you want to be in your court of honor, or chambelanes, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Your chambelanes should all be guys you really trust and care about, almost like if they were your brothers. Consider these questions when your looking for your "Courte de honor" "Is this someone I’m really close to?" "Would they be able to make it to every practice?" "How seriously would they take my vals?" "Can he dance, or learn dance moves easily?"