The party, dinner, the toast, and another of the special moments of the starting fifteen of your cake. And then share it. A party of fifteen or wedding would not be complete without this invitation.

The cake is a rich tradition and traditional. Add your own style to the party, and is an inseparable part of the theme of the party. Besides it is a central piece of decoration in your reception.

It is an important decision to choose when planning your party. Just as flowers, cakes are an expression of who you are and what you love. Cakes in these feasts are usually white with decorations according to theme of the event. But you can break this tradition depending on the season. You may have splashed colors, exotic flavors or perhaps decorate with tropical fruits.

We offer a basic guide for determining what kind of cake that is served at your wedding or Quinceañera.

Already have the date of your event?
Remember that the cake you must order at least 2 months before the date.
How many guests are you?
The weights of cauntos want?
What is your favorite flavor?
Color that you want the beta n º?
What type of beta º n quieres?
What type of decor n prefer?
I want to top, or in columns?
And what s more importante … What is your budget?